To reach and return from your fishing ground  as fast as possible with superior performance is where Sea Cat leaves the competition behind. The unique engineering of this hull design keeps you in control.  Easy to launch and always bring you safety in situations when most boats lose their edge.

This is a boat with a pedigree of fishing and plenty of room with non skid floor to stand and fish in. But fishing is only one of its many charms; this is also an excellent transport boat.  You have the freedom to choose from the world’s leading engine brands.   Its OBM will guarantee you smooth ride, even in rough seas. Good enough performance obtained as fuel efficiently as possible.

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Specification: Sea CAT 600 Sea CAT 590
Overall length ( OAL ) 6 metre 5.8 metre
Beam 1.80 metre 1.93 metre
Depth 0.93 metre 0.76 metre
Draught 0.30 metre 0.18 metre
Weight (Unloaded) 400 kilo gram 320 kilo gram
Engine 15 horsepower OBM 15 horsepower OBM
Max. Speed 12 knots  12 knots
Capacity Sea CAT 600 Sea CAT 590
Fish Hold (Optional) 0.4 cubic metre 0.4 cubic metre
Fuel (Kerosene) – Portable 25 litre 25 litre
Fuel (Petrol) – Portable 12 litre 12 litre


  • Hard Chine with V Bottom Hull
  • Open Deck


  • Customs hull color
  • Passenger seats
  • Portable fish store boxes
  • Deck finishes
  • Life jackets
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Paddle