About Us

The Hairu Naval Craft Engineering (Private) Limited is backed by the parent company Hairu Group of Companies, which excelled in sustainable development towards engineering, visit www.hairuec.com

The idea that grew to become today’s Hairu boats had its origin in 2011, when we were awarded to manufacture of 330 units of 06 meter boat, 36 units of 09 meter boats and 10 units of fully fledged 18 meter multi day fishing boats made out of fiber glass to supply towards the development of the fisheries industry in the Union of Comoros.

The task through adventures kindled the challenge within the cluster organization and through it the dawn of Hairu Naval Craft Engineering (Private) Limited. HNCE is totally designated with the boat building facilities, harnessing the raw talent available and moulding it into a holistic unit.

Our Mission

Our Mission

“To develop our competencies in Naval Craft Engineering by collaborating with international experts in order to represent a global brand image for affordable, efficient and reliable naval crafts for fisheries, commercial & leisure sectors with a true Sri Lankan identity”

Today, with a dedicated human resource and further alliances with professional expertise, HNCE has set up its Sri Lankan facility along the eastern coastline and has the wind in its sails. With the objective of becoming trail blazers in boat craftsmanship within the next few years, we are pursuing a very vibrant and friendly approach to produce affordable, efficient and reliable crafts for commercial/ leisure fishing, passengers/goods transport and utility which incorporate a true international standard.

We have acquired a flair for designing and manufacturing boats ranging from 6m to 21m, loaded with outboards, stern drive, jets as well as inboard engines. Our raw materials are of Lloyds standards while the mechanical, electronic and other onboard devices, accessories and fittings are of reputed brands. Today, boats produced by Hairu are exported worldwide, and she has expanded her offices in Africa, Middle East, East Asia and the Indian Subcontinent to meet international demands and offer best in class customer services.