Manufacturing Process

Behind the meticulous process of boat building lies a considerable collective effort where highly trained craftsmen scrupulously build and quality check every boat through the entire process.

Our moulds are kept buffed to a high shine to produce the brilliant and rich finishes Hairu is known for. Hulls, decks and components are carefully measured and hand laid out to ensure proper thickness for maximum strength and durability. The fiberglass mats and resin are hand laid in predetermined thickness by our skilled laminators who shares 12 – 25+ years of experience in the field of boat building. Alternatively we are capable of utilizing resin infusion in our manufacturing process.

Machinery compartment interior is covered and finished with gel coats to ensure durability and easy cleanup. The marine grade hardware, accessories and instrumentation is all selected from the industry’s leading brands and factory installed. Furnishings and fittings are carefully crafted by our skilled craftsmen for a perfect fit and the utmost comfort and class.

Our production team inputs assemblies in the hull using various techniques. Each installation is checked against master design and templates. Tanks are pressure and leak tested to ensure high quality and reliability. Electrical systems feature corrosion resistant, heat insulated copper wire along with sealed terminals and connectors for trouble free maintenance. Every step in the process is documented and inspected again to ensure a lifetime of enjoyment. Our processes can be aligned to adhere to a client’s required Classification (IACS Member Class)

Before delivering the boat, the final touch is made and all systems tested, to ensure that Hairu promise is always kept.