Meli Hairu

Excellence never goes out of style. The Meli Hairu 1800F is proving her selves with resurgence back into the fishing industry. MeliHairu 1800F is a single V bottom multi-day commercial fishing vessel which is made for perfection by using high quality marine grade materials, equipment, parts & accessories for smooth fishing operation.

The deck and cabin designed to get more space to facilitate for any type of acceptable method of fishing operation with the hygienic requirements and to maintain the quality of the harvest.

Designs developed by Hairu are being integrated to allow classification to higher international standards; far exceeding the merits described or imposed by IMO and fisheries regulatory authorities worldwide. This 18 metre multi-day fishing boat now will challenge all similar products in value, capability, performance, seaworthiness and quality

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Length Overall 18 metre* 58′ 08″
Beam 5.15 metre 16′ 09″
Depth 3.45 metre 11′ 05″
Draught 1.52 metre 5′ 00″
Weight (Dry) 25,000 kilo gram
Speed 12 Knots
Engine 500 Horse Power @ 2100rpm
Fish Storage 30 cubic metre
Fuel Capacity 14,000 Litre
Fresh water Capacity 5000 Litre
Chilled Storage 15 cubic metre
Bait Storage 5 cubic metre

*This vessel can be modified to client’s requirements, extension up to 20 metres is possible.



  • Your selection of standard colour package

Main Features:

  • A Wheel House with console table fixed with navigation and communication devices
  • A crew cabin with six numbers of bunk beds
  • Wind screen and side glasses suited for Marine environment
  • Wheel house walls covered with a wall carpet and the top covered with casted ceiling sheets
  • Wheel house floor with non skid carpet
  • Weather deck covered with non skid rubber carpet
  • Gunwale Railings around the boat
  • Railing frame on top of wheel house as additional storage facility for light weight
  • A hatch on the roof in line with engine room opening of the wheel house deck, which will facilitate to lift heavy machinery in engine room, in case of any repair.
  • Toilet compartment located at the AFT Stbd edge of the wheel house
  • Galley at the AFT port edge of the wheel house

Air-condition System:

  • 01 unit of chiller complete with control system, compressors, condensers and other accessories
    to achieve -200C for bait hold and other two chillers complete with all above accessories to achieve -5oC for both chill baths

Deck, Deck fittings & Rigging gears:

  • 05 Nos of water tight hatches
  • A Main mast & derrick out of SS fitted with nut & bolts and supported by 3 nos SS guy wires to facilitate 150 Kg’s of lifting capacity
  • 04 No’s of twin bollards fixed at stern & fwd deck in both port and stbd sides for easy mooring
  • Twin bollards out of steel mounted in a timber flog and fitted in the stem as a main front bollard
  • Electro hydraulically operated long line winch with the capacity of 375 Nm.
  • Wooden stool covered with FRP as radio buoy hold.

Electrical System:

  • Auxiliary engine with generator (AC Power supply)
    Output            30.9 KW
    Speed            1500rpm
  • Battery (DC Power supply)
    Engine starting        04 Nos Battery of 200W
    Generator Starting     01 No Battery of 100W

Ventilation System:

  • 02 Exhaust blowers with 320w, 2800 rpm, and 43 m3 / min flow rate and 01 inlet blower fitted onboard
  • A natural air vent also provided to ensure sufficient fresh air flow to engine room

Plumbing & Bilge System:

  • System operates through main engine with 24V DC Electromagnetic Clutch Pump
  • A submersible bilge pump for emergency use

Navigation Equipment:

  • VHF/FM Marine transceiver
  • MF/HF radio
  • NAVITEX Receiver
  • GPS Plotter
  • Search & Rescue radar and colour monitor
  • Fish finder
  • Magnetic compass

Safety Equipment:

  • 06 person life boat
  • Sea Anchor with rope
  • 06 No’s of Life Jackets
  • 04 No’s of Fire Extinguishers (02 No’s of CO2 and 02 Form type)
  • First Aid Kit


Internal equipment:

  • Helm Seat with Adjustable Seat Pedestal


  • Carpet

Engines Systems:

  • Options available from leading engine brands


  • Home Theater Sound system
  • LCD TV