Professional Services

HNCE’s product quality is complemented by a series of training programs, after sales services and transport management that are all highly valued by our clients. These services allow customers to get the most out of their investment and leave the many various tasks associated with the acquisition of our vessels in the hands professional experts.

Fisheries Training

We offer comprehensive services complemented by a specific and wide ranging training program for each type of product, and which focuses on optimizing all resources present on the vessel delivered.
Here are the training offered to complement our after sales service.

  • Fishing Methodology and Fisheries Management
  • Storing, Freezing and Processing of Catches
  • Repair of Fishing Gears (Lines, nets and other gears)
  • Boat Handling and Maintenance

Fishing Fleet Management and Fisheries Operations

This service is applicable for fishing boats which are manufactured by HNCE.  The service has a comprehensive management plan customized for every need, and is done in close cooperation with one of our sister companies, in order to agree on the goals to be achieved to optimize the uses and functions of fishing boats built by Hairu.
To complement this offering of additional benefits, HNCE assists you through a comprehensive fisheries management service. When you have no qualified personnel available, or because you prefer to outsource this service, we offer the full complement of crew in order to perform the specific tasks for which boat has been designed

Skipper and Crew Training

We offer a complete on-board training module for the operating Captain and Crew of our vessels. This is inclusive of training in daily operations, minor repairs and maintenance at a location convenient to the client or within local waters.

Maintenance and Operations Contract

We have the expertise and resources to offer a maintenance and operation contract for the vessel, providing the best service with the expertise of our boat building crew. We offer this service to our full range of vessels, subject to terms.