Sea Trial & Sea Worthiness Survey Report

HNCE’s seaworthiness surveys are to prove the condition of a new vessel is suitable to cross the seven seas. The survey of a new boat is carried out by a qualified independent surveyor (Associate member of RINA) to identify seaworthiness before the voyage from port of departure to port of destination.

The survey report will include,

  • Summary of survey and condition of boat
  • Boat structure, external hull and superstructure
  • Engine room, machinery and bunkering, bilges, running hours of the main and auxiliary engines and generators
  • Deck equipments and hatch covers
  • Navigational, Communication & Radio equipments
  • Life saving apparatus & Fire fighting equipments
  • General items, crew accommodation spaces
  • Spares & toolkit report
  • Pictures of boat

Our reports are highly detailed and provide a clear picture of the condition of the boat. Any recommendations given by marine surveyor for necessary alteration are rectified prior to her departure